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Spotify vs. Apple Music

Music lovers everywhere are becoming more and more entangled between these two major music providers. There are certainly other options available for consumers, such as Jay-Z’s Tidal service, and Pandora. But those who have become enamored with Spotify’s great rate and extensive library are pretty devoted to the brand, even when the music streaming service out of Sweden lacks music by name like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks, to name a few.

Apple Music, on the other hand, grants its subscribers access to the entire iTunes music library. This has benefits like the ability to interact with their music through Siri, the iPhone’s famous talking assistant. Spotify does have its own advantages, and has been around longer. Apple recently unveiled its Apple Music concept as a way to combat the success of Spotify, and the allure of having an unlimited access to music that appealed so greatly to consumers.

Spotify and Apple Music Compared

Taylor Swift

T Swift has been one of the most outspoken artists against Spotify, arguing that the setup of the streaming service did not pay nearly enough money to the artists whose music they were playing. Needless to say, she has not allowed her music to be available on Spotify. The lack of Swift’s music has undoubtedly hurt Spotify’s appeal among her large fan base.


Spotify and Apple Music both allow the user to create playlists, compiling their favorite songs into a giant list to be accessed simply and easily. The listener can then work down the list or put the player on shuffle to change it up some.

App Availability

Each of these music streaming services is available through apps. That means that those with smartphones or tablets are able to access them and make the most of their services by having them readily available on their home screen.


One benefit of Spotify is that even when users aren’t subscribed to Premium, they are still able to stream Spotify’s library for free, with the occasional commercial. The downfall is that users are forced to shuffle between the songs of a certain playlist or artist, rather than pick which songs they want to listen to. In this way Spotify comes to resemble Pandora in the way users without the Premium service are able to utilize it.


What began with a mysterious commercial featuring a variety of musicians seated around a table has culminated with Jay-Z’s own music streaming service. The rapper and entrepreneur’s biggest difference from either Spotify or Apple Music is the noticeable price difference. Jay-Z is charging 10 dollar more per month for his hi-fi quality music service, and an extra $5 per month for the streaming service.

Apple Music on Android

At first glance, it probably seemed like an advantage of Spotify was that it would be the one available on phones that weren’t iPhones. After all, wouldn’t “Apple” Music be offered exclusively on the phones they manufacture? It seemed like this would be true, but Apple has actually offered its music streaming service to Android users, a fairly bold move by Apple in what seems to be another attempt to drawn from the revenue pool currently going towards Spotify and the other competing music streaming services.

Music streaming services have come a long way. There is more than enough to go around when it comes to available music that’s out there, so the biggest difference is going to be how users interact with their music playing service. Whether a user prefers to listen to music from their phone, tablet, or laptop, these music streaming services have replaced CDs as the most efficient way to listen to music.

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